Relationship Refresh is a unique online Relationship E-Course designed to keep your relationship healthy and strong.

Delivered by two Experienced Relationship Therapist you get the best Relationship advice and tools available to watch in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what's included:



Each week includes a 30 min video with Simon and Rebecca who bring you the best relationship advice and tools in a light hearted, down to earth manner. Sharing They share their application of these tools in their Relationship with you, to help you fully understand and integrate these tools for yourself.


Module Booklet

A beautiful downloadable PDF with all the information on the weekly topics. Plus bonus print outs for the fridge to keep you on track!


Reflective Questions

Each week you are invited to reflect and discuss a few questions to help deepen your understanding of your relationship and each other.

Home work

Practice is where true change occurs, so each week we set you some easy, quick and simple homework tasks, designed to create positive change straight away.

Relationship Refresh is a simple five week course designed to deepen, strengthen and refresh your relationship. Covering all the important topics to keep your relationship healthy and strong:


We get straight into the nuts and bolts of what makes relationships work and how you can make sure these things are present in your relationship as soon as possible.

You will gain understanding of the crucial keys to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship.

You will understand how you can easily start to work towards including or bolstering these key concepts in your relationship.

You will understand the crucial ingredients for getting over arguments or fights quicker.

You will understand the foundation that keeps your relationship together and have strategies for keeping your foundation strong.


This week is transformational for every couple.

By the end of this session you will have a clear understanding of one of the biggest pitfalls (and opportunities) for anyone in a relationship... Love Languages.

We’ll explain it to you, and then step you through how to make it work for you and your partner.

We’ll also explain some of the most common pitfalls faced when implementing the theory, and what you can do to overcome them.

Some people find the title ‘Love Languages’ a little bit cheesy, but this stuff really works! And by the time we have explained it to you, you'll both understand it and its importance in your relationship.

Usually during this explanation there are a few pennies dropping for both partners.


When our lives are going well, we rarely stop and think about the reasons why. It’s usually only during the tough times, that we reflect on ‘what went wrong’ because we have to in order to make a change.

The same is true for relationships - we often don't stop to think about what we're doing to have our relationship work well. Until now!

This week we work on the key ingredients for your unique relationship success. We’ll help you to nut out exactly what's happening when it is working well and how you can make this happen more often.

This week is a lot of fun and will help you to bring back the sense of unity and team in your relationship.


This week we start a more advanced principal, based on the work of Dr Susan Johnson, in which you work out the unique cycles in your relationship.

All couples have common patterns of relating where they influence each other both constructively and destructively. By the end of this week, you’ll understand what those patterns or cycles are, and know how to break out of them and/or use them to your advantage.

This week is massive and you'll be sure to come away understanding how you each press each other’s buttons, the effect this has on your relationship, and how you can both work together to create what you really want!


This is a bonus week where we answer your questions!

During the 4 weeks of information and exercises we welcome you to email us any questions you have about any of the content, how to apply it to your relationship, or help you may need if you’re stuck.

We’ll get through as many of them as we possibly can during the session so that you can know exactly how to make your relationship awesome!

You can ask us anything, and can nominate either Simon or Rebecca (or both) to answer it.

We love this week! It’s so exciting to get your questions and personalize them for you and for your relationship.

Why is a Relationship Refresh So Important?

All Relationships start out strong with great intentions. Over time however, things can begin to change. We get busy, spend less time together, and hit some of the bumps that all relationships do.
If we haven’t been taught what to do in these times, or studied or read how to handle these situations, then navigating these challenges becomes hit and miss.

This Refresher will teach you exactly what to do to keep your relationship healthy and strong through the test of time. This is knowledge and information that every single Relationship can use, no matter if you are cruising along, are having a few hiccups, or some major hurdles. This e-Course has the tools to help everyone.

Read Rebecca’s Blog about how the e-course came to fruition : Bec’s Blog

About Us

No Relationship is a fairytale and ours is no different in that regard – we’ve had our hurdles too. We first met in our high school years, and shared a brief kiss. Shortly after we went our separate ways meeting new partners along the way.

I (Bec) married my high school sweet heart and shared 13 years in total together. This was a marriage that I thought would last a lifetime. (read my full story here). Sadly, I found myself divorced at 30 (not my plan!) and that began my journey to understand everything I could about how Relationships thrive and fail.

Simon had never married and as fate would have it, we found each other again when we were 30 and haven’t looked back. We’re both now in our 40’s with 2 beautiful children, and have had a decade full of all the amazing ups and downs that all Relationships encounter, (yes including ours!)

We are both experienced counselors and we have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of Relationship Therapy.

We’ve helped many couples navigate their way through the ups and downs of their Relationship. More importantly we are a couple as well.

We know first hand how difficult it can be sometimes, but we know so many things that can help in those times. We have plenty of tools to keep your Relationship healthy and strong and we whole-heartedly want to share these with you because they really help!

What Couples Are Saying

My husband didn't want to go to therapy so I went along. Everything I learnt I came home and talked to him about, but it wasn’t the same as him being there. Rebecca suggested the E-Course and it was perfect for us - we did it at home together on the couch at a time that suited us. My husband saw how normal Rebecca and Simon were and felt much more comfortable in going to a counselling session afterwards. It took the unknown out of “them” and counselling, and when we went he felt like he knew them. We are honestly the best we've ever been – I would recommend it to every person in a relationship – honestly I would.

Catherine and John

My Husband didn’t want to see just a female because he thought we would gang up on him, so having Simon to balance and add a male perspective was priceless! Bec was fabulous as well - watching them interact actually reminded us of us in the early days. We Followed up with 2 sessions with both of them – it was great to get both perspectives.

Mandy and Bill

When we started watching the First E-Course module we were both looking at each other like OMG have they been living in our house? But then we realized that lots of couples struggle with the same things, which was so reassuring, we are ‘normal’ (well kind of) and there are some really simple things we can do to get back to how we use to be.’

Emma and Joel

I wanted to see a male counselor, and my wife wanted to see a female counselor – so this was perfect – we got both! And we could watch it from the comfort of our home – we felt like we learnt so much and we put it into practice and never needed to go to counselling after the E-Course.

Luke and Kate

We've been married for 7 years and have 2 children, we noticed our relationship was slipping and time with each other was scarce. We knew counselling would help but getting there was a logistical nightmare. The E-Course was perfect for us. We watched it in the evening when the kids went to bed and then we talked about it after. It's brought us closer than ever.

Sarah and James

We'd been coasting along in ‘everything's fine’ mode for awhile. We get along fine, sex was fine, hanging out together was fine. We just wanted to know if we could get the spark back - and now we have it and know how to keep it! It was the best decision we've made!

Carly and Tom

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it’s mainly one person who wants to do the course? Will it still help?
As long as you're both doing the course you will benefit. It doesn’t really matter if one person is less enthusiastic about it, they'll still hear the information and relate to it. This then creates conversation about it and increases the likelihood of change.
If I am in a same sex relationship can I benefit from this course?
Absolutely, it is for everyone in a relationship.
We don’t have any children – is this course for couples with a family?
Not necessarily. This is a course for couples with or without children. There is mention in one module about being a team as a couple, and as a family but it’s not a focus of this course. The focus is couples/relationships.
I feel like our relationship has been dead for a few years – are we beyond help?
We hear this one a lot. If you are still together and would like things to be different you are certainly not beyond help. This course is a great starting point for you both. You may need to follow up with further counselling sessions but you will know by the end of this course If you need that or not, and you’ll actually be able to have that conversation!
Are we anonymous or will other people in the course know our names – I'm not ashamed to be doing it, I just don’t want it to be public knowledge.
No one else doing this course will know your details. For the Q&A Webinar (in week 5 based on your questions) we do use your first name when answering your question – however you can always use an alias if you’d prefer.
Is the fact that we are doing this course a sign that our relationship is nearly over?
Not necessarily. But, without knowing the state of your relationship we can’t make an absolute statement about that. However everyone needs help in their relationship at some time, and the fact that you are willing to be proactive increases your chance of having a relationship that lasts the test of time. Some couples want to move from 'Bad to Good', and other couples use this information to move from 'Good to Great'! It helps everyone!
Is this course just about getting people to come for counselling?
Actually it’s the exact opposite. We’re trying to reduce the need for counseling. So many of the couples we see benefit so much from these ideas and concepts. That’s how this course came to be. We wanted to get this information out to as many couples as possible because:

  1. Sometimes they would have to wait months for a counselling appointment – and the relationship could be over in those few months.
  2. Getting both partners to physically come to counselling can be difficult: it can be a challenge logistically and some partners just aren’t up for it.
  3. Every couple can benefit from this information
  4. If couples come to counseling after they’ve done this course it greatly reduces the duration of the whole process.

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Money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

100% Risk Free Investment

This course is a culmination of our years of expertise, knowledge and passion. We believe this E-course is an excellent program for couples wanting to bring their love back to life. However if after 7 days you do not feel like this is the course for you, we will happily refund your money minus a small administration fee for your gift.